Metal Man

The Metal Man landmark stands at the entrance to Sligo Harbour and is one of only two in the country. Coupled with Blackrock Lighthouse its purpose is to guide ships through the rocky narrow channel of Rosses Point into Sligo Port at the Mouth of the Garavogue River.

He was erected in 1821 on “Perch rock”, with his right hand outstretched pointing towards the safe deep waters of the channel.

There are many stories and anecdotes relating to the Metal Man. Some say he is the only Rosses Point man never to have told a lie. Others swear to have seen him come ashore to fetch a loaf of bread.

One story known to be true relates to a Greek ship in the 1920s. A local pilot was at the wheel to guide the ship safely through the channel, when the bay was engulfed in a dense fog. The ship's crew were deployed to their watch stations when, out of the fog, loomed a giant man. The entire forward watch fled in fear and refused to return to the ship's bow. It was not until the pilot eventually convinced the captain of the ship of the true nature of what the crew had seen that they agreed to proceed to port.