Coney Island

Named for its large population of rabbits (In Gaelic the name translates to “the island of rabbits), Coney Island lies in Sligo bay between Rosses Point and Strandhill. It is accessible from Rosses Point by boat or driving from Strandhill by way of Cummeen Strand when the tide is out. This strand is exposed at low tide and is marked by 14 stone pillars leading to the island.

In the 1860’s the island had a population of over 120 people however nowadays it is only inhabited by 1 family year round.

Many local legends and Irish folklore surround this place, there are stories of fairies, mermaids and spirits on Coney Island as well as visits from St. Patrick.

Legend has it the captain of the merchant ship “Arethusa” sailing to New York, upon observing many rabbits on the New York island, then named Coney Island, New York, after Coney Island in his native Sligo.