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Spooky Halloween Break


Whats involved ?

Package includes: 2 Nights Bed & Full Irish Breakfast & 2 Evening Meals Plus Murder Mystery

Rate: €149.00 pps

Murder Mystery Weekend

It is our pleasure to give you the following details on our up and coming Murder Mystery Weekend at the Yeats Country Hotel, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo.



Vampires, Werewolves, Maidens in Distress - all come alive this Halloween Night at our Murder Mystery themed weekend You may even find a spooky coffin or a zombie or two wandering about


The weekend starts off on Friday evening with a drinks reception, meet and greet and the cast will introduce the format and plot for the weekend.

A fancy dress on Saturday evening and guests will need to bring their own costumes. Prizes are given for best costume.

Dinner is served between 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. each evening.


The drama and experience will carry on until the Sunday morning until guests submit their clues and final conclusions as to who carried out the murder.


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“Dracula “     at Yeats Country Hotel,    performed by The Fall Guys Ireland,          Halloween 2015

All roads lead northwest this Halloween to Yeats Country Hotel, Rosses Point, Sligo, to celebrate with Count Dracula on the occasion of his 500th birthday. Present will be his many faithful followers from all corners of this pleasant land, to welcome home Dracula from his very successful campaign against the Turks and their leader Sullivan (Súil Amháin) The Magnificent, who has been the Count’s arch enemy for generations, and who has been determined to steal from Dracula the formulae for re-invigorating the body and for the re-animation of the dead, in order to create eternal living life.

Only the great Count Dracula has these secret formulae in his possession, and it is his ongoing resolve and determination to grow and multiply his following, by forever seeking out virgin blood and lily-white nubile skin!

Therefore guests of Dracula, who will be present in Yeats Country Hotel this Halloween are strongly advised to keep their necklines covered at all times during the late evening approaching midnight, as Dracula’s stunning neophyte- Lady Vampira, his faithful retainer- Igor Stravinski Scabarr, and his housekeeper-the no-nonsense Ilona Danvers, themselves vampires of some repute, will be on the prowl seeking virgin blood and unblemished flesh, in order to curry the favour of their enigmatic leader Dracula.

However, those who appear at this magnificent gathering need have no fear, provided that they are careful and that they are suitably turned out in Halloween Fancy Dress for the occasion, as those famous exorcists and vampire-hunters, Vicar Winifred Wobbley and her elderly colleague Fr. Rod Feeley, whose life ambitions it is to destroy Dracula and all his followers, will no doubt present themselves, although uninvited, to protect the innocent and to destroy the horrific!

Without a doubt murder will certainly be on the menu at this magnificent, if most unusual, party! Those who are brave enough to attend will be well advised to prepare themselves for one hell of a weekend, for top-notch entertainment, for belly-aching laughs and for a super few days of fun and relaxation in one of the most scenic and best hotel venues in Ireland for entertainment and the craic, Yeats Country Hotel Rosses Point.

Murder Mystery events at this hotel are produced and directed by the well-known murder mystery team, The Fall Guys Ireland, who have been regular performers at this venue for more than 20 years.