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Downturn Abbey Murder Mystery

Downturn Abbey Murder Mystery.

The Crawley Family are arriving in Yeats Country hotel for a weekend of comfort and relaxation. The family will all be here to celebrate Robert Crawley’s  65th birthday.

Robert, of course, would never travel alone without his friends and family members in tow, to offer their loyalty and their support to one of the most revered members of the English upper class .

Stunning stylish women, including Lady Mary, Lady Cora Crawley and the Dowager   will be present to  assuage  the doubts of Robert himself in these uncertain times, when all around him seems to  be collapsing  in a quagmire of debt and anxiety.

Present also will be that other doyen of the exalted class, Shrimpy  McDonald, who is better known for his back stabbing behaviour than for any form of congenial activity that such an occasion as this would demand. Shrimpy, no doubt, is here for the fine shooting and fishing that can usually be expected to be found in the far away west on the wild atlantic way.

No gathering such as this would amount to much without the many other friends and acquaintances who will join with Robert and his family , which is mighty fine until all hell breaks loose on many fronts during the festivities.

So be sure to dress appropriately for Lord Robert’s celebration dinner on Saturday night – otherwise you might fall out of favour, and wind up down stairs with the many other cooks who at one time or another counted themselves among Robert’s close friends, but who did not  bother to keep their friends close and their enemies closer still.


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So Fancy Dress optional on the night -  but clearly advised to ensure that you don’t escape the

lecherous eyes of the Robert’s many buddies and that you enjoy the occasion to the fullest.